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THE CORE ISSUE: Each generation has different challenges, and one of the current challenges is the current demographic: never has our planet contained so many older people. This is a new phenomenon, and presents new challenges; as the nuclear family dominated in the Western world and presented new challenges for child care, so this demographic presents challenges in elder care; and VERY FEW WILL BE UNTOUCHED BY CARING FOR THEIR PARENTS.

POP identifies a new stage in the life cycle; the POPcycle. Developed by Jane Wolf Waterman ( ) POP Family Coaching identifies the various trigger points and stages in ‘Parenting Our Parents’. These various trigger points and stages rear their head in different aspects of our lives and those of our loved ones: financial, legal and emotional - these issues emerge and evolve over the period of the cycle. POP Family Coaching can help by providing guidance, support and structure in navigating what can be a sometimes hazardous and often stressful process if tackled without support or guidance. It helps isolate the issues and put them in their appropriate compartment and in so doing provides a road map for the whole family. For more in depth information please contact Patricia via phone or email. ( e.  t. 1-424-272-0369 )

WHY PATRICIA MITCHELL - Certified POP Family Coach?

Patricia has extensive broadcast experience in the world of ‘Carers’ (a Carer being a person who looks after an older, disabled or seriously ill family member or friend). Patricia is senior producer and host on ‘Carers World Radio’ based in the UK and USA. Patricia also has personal experience of ‘POP’ stages during the last years of her mother’s life.

Patricia was certified as a POP Family Coach (PFC) in December 2013 having qualified through the PFC program with the guidance of Jane Wolf Waterman the founder of the PFC Program.

PFC sessions can be conducted in person or via skype or telephone. Patricia offers a free initial consultation for all potential clients.

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